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Management Committee

COMMSSA is managed by a Management Committee of volunteers,  

elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Committee members receives no remuneration or benefit.

The administrative costs are kept to the bare minimum, 

enabling us to use the largest possible percentage of our funds

towards improving the quality of life of a child from Mauritius. 

The Management Committee consists of four Office Bearers

(President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and up to 8 ordinary members. Current members of the Committee vacate their position each year but are eligible for re-election. Any financial member of the Association is eligible for nomination and election to any of the positions on the Management Committee at the AGM, provided their nomination is proposed and seconded by a financial member of the Association.

We Need Your Support

The Management Committee Members for 2023-2024 

Office Bearers

Dr Mariam Bahemia.jpg



Medical Director

One day, in 1994, during my surgical term at St John of God Hospital in Subiaco, Serge introduced me to COMMSSA over a cup of tea. He told me how it had all started, and about the work he, Monique and successive Committees had done since 1991 to improve the health of poor Mauritian children. My late father was a GP from Mauritius; I was eager to become involved in something that would rekindle the Mauritian in me. I joined the Management Committee in 1995. After some time overseas, I was re-elected to the Committee in 2016. 

My involvement with COMMSSA is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of my life. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, I travelled to Mauritius and Rodrigues in connection with the Stoma/Wound care project. The memories of those short, busy but rewarding self-funded trips with Serge, Monique - and the team of nurses from Australia - will stay with me forever. 

Monique Malié.jpg

Monique, one of the founding members of the Association, has served on the Management Committee since 1991. She has been Secretary for several years and President for nearly half the lifetime of COMMSSA. Above all, she has been the steering force behind organising Events and Functions as well as seeing to the fostering and ‘pastoral care’ of Mauritian children sent to Perth for treatment. To many of them, she and Jack, her husband, have become Mémé and Pépé. Without her drive and unfailing commitment to the children of COMMSSA and their families, the Association would not have survived to this day.

Vice President


(Founding Member)

Dr Serge Toussaint.jpg

Serge, like Monique, has served on the Management Committee since he initiated the foundation of  COMMSSA in1991. He was the first President of the Association and occupied that position for several years; in 2000 he took over the role of Medical Director from Dr Harry Dumbell, a role he has fulfilled  to this day and in which he has been ably assisted by Dr Mariam Bahemia since 2016.

Together, in 2017, they identified the need for training specialist Enterostomal therapy nurses in Mauritius to improve  the care of the many children living with a stoma. With the expert help of two nurse educators from Australia, COMMSSA's "Stoma/Wound care project" was launched in Mauritius in 2018.  



Medical Director

(Founding Member)


I have been a member of COMMSSA since the early days of the association. Between 2015-2017, I occupied the position of Treasurer on the Management Committee. I took a break due to heavy work commitments.

Now that I am retired, I have been re-elected to COMMSSA's Management Committee as Treasurer at the 2022 AGM. I will do my best to look after the financial affairs of this worthy charitable association. 



Ordinary Members

Thierry, a member of COMMSSA since 2006, held the reins of the Association as President between 2008 and 2013. During those years, thanks to him, the Committee meetings took place at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Subiaco. He remains a most valuable and reliable member of the Committee, always willing to help with Quiz Nights and to provide his audio system and music for our AGMs and various other fundraising functions. 


Celine 2021.jpg

Céline first joined the Committee in 1999 and served for a few years before returning to Rodrigues with her family for a while. She came back to us in 2010 and held the position of Secretary between 2014 and 2016. She, like Monique, has played a significant role in fostering children, primarily from Rodrigues, sent by SACIM for treatment in Perth. Her close links with her native island of Rodrigues ensure ongoing feedback and follow up of those children and their families.


Dr Thierry Venaille.jpg
Mrs Mirella Augusrin.jpg

“Jacques and I have four healthy grandchildren; we often think of the heartache of so many poor parents in Mauritius who cannot afford the best treatment for their sick children. I joined the Management Committee nearly ten years ago because I know that COMMSSA does make a difference in the life of many children. Jacques and I help, as much as we can, at COMMSSA’s fundraising functions. Please support us by attending our functions with your families and friends".


Pamela Liltte.jpg

“When I came to Perth in 2008, I met a group of people who were members of the Management Committee of COMMSSA; for many years they had given freely of themselves to help sick Mauritian children. Through COMMSSA, the Universe was offering me an opportunity to be kind and to give to children who were less fortunate than my own: that is why I joined the Management Committee in 2016, filled the position of Secretary in 2017-2018, and hope to contribute even more in the future". 



The youngest member of the team, Anaïs joined the Committee in July 2019 and has already shown a keen willingness to get involved: after orchestrating the children’s Xmas party in December 2020, she took the initiative of organising a Tropical Dance at the Bayswater Pétanque Club on 6 March 2021. The function was highly successful and helped raise much needed funds for COMMSSA. Her expert contribution in managing the website is proving invaluable.


Mr Subhrendu rath.jpg

Although Subhrendu has no direct connections with Mauritius, he has been a member of COMMSSA for over a decade. He is keen to help COMMSSA continue on its mission for many more years. A former Professor of Economics and Finance at Curtin University, he was elected to the Management Committee at the 2021 AGM and brings his knowledge as well as his expertise to the Committee. He has already provided significant assistance to the Secretary over the past couple of years.


Photo of Yashtee_edited_edited.png

I was born in Mauritius and moved to Perth 15 years ago. I hold a Marketing and Management degree and I have hosted a wide variety of events across Perth over the last decade. I hope to bring my combined skills and experience to COMMSSA ’s Management Committee and help the Association reach new heights. Above all, I am delighted to be part of the COMMSSA family and look forward to making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged Mauritian children.


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