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We are grateful to the many sponsors and supporters who have helped us over the years.

Our Sponsors

Austral Fisheries has made substantial donations to COMMSSA since 2012. They continue to support us by paying the annual membership fee to COMMSSA for all their employees - a sum close to AUD 1000. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, they also provided free transport in Mauritius for the COMMSSA team and Nurses involved in the Stoma Care and Wound Care Educational Programs. 

Mrs Elizabeth English AM, Past President of the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists, Stoma Consultant, Adelaide South Australia, and Ms Sharon Boxall, RN, Toodyay, Western Australia. They have generously given their expertise as Nurse Educators to run workshops in Mauritius in 2017, 2018, including Rodrigues in 2019, to address the pressing need identified by COMMSSA for the training of Stoma and Wound Care Nurses in Mauritius. 

Sharon Boxall and Elizabeth English_edit

We are deeply grateful to St. John of God, Subiaco Hospital, where nearly half of the cases, brought to Perth by COMMSSA, have been treated at substantially discounted cost. 


Formerly known as the Princess Margaret Hospital, now the Perth Children's Hospital, was, for about 20 years, the main treatment centre for COMMSSA’s children sent from Mauritius for treatment in Perth.


SKG Radiology, Perth has provided imaging services either at no cost or at a very substantial discount for many years.


Jenny and Paul Geelen have generously given their time and expertise to a young girl from Rodrigues since 2011; they have attended to her on many occasions and provided her with an aesthetically perfect eye prosthesis.


On many occasions Kailis Bros have, supplied COMMSSA with seafood for various functions.

Grateful thanks to Theo Kailis and his team in Leederville.

kailis bros leederville.jpg

Grateful thanks to Mr Warren Coli for providing storage facilities for a minimal fee.


We thank the Lions Club of Girrawheen for their regular donations.


We thank The Bayswater Pétanque Club for allowing COMMSSA use their clubhouse free of charge on various occasions.


Mr Geof Parry, of  '7 ... News' , our Quiz Master extraordinaire for some 25 years.

Untitled 8.png

Grateful thanks to Bill Liddelow and Luigi Pontarolo for their generous donations of valuable books as prizes for COMMSSA's Annual Quiz Night over many years. 


Over the years COMMSSA has enjoyed the ongoing support of the Australian High Commissioners to the Republic of Mauritius. Mrs Susan Coles, Mrs Jenny Dee, and their successors in the post of High Commissioner deserve our deep gratitude.


Mr Ian Whitaker, The Honorary Consul for the Republic of Mauritius in Perth, has been a staunch supporter of COMMSSA over many years.

Doctor High Five

Medical Professionals

It is impossible to thank all the medical professionals who have treated children from Mauritius in Perth, often with outstanding generosity; we would like to acknowledge a few:

Orthopaedic Surgeon: Mr. Michael Holt

Ophthalmologists: Dr Richard Gardner, Professor Mei-Ling Tay-Kearney, Professor William Morgan, A/Professor Steve Wiffen, Dr Jean-Louis deSousa, Dr Alexandra Taylor, Dr Dermot Roden (dec).


Cardiac Surgeon: Mr Trevor Nicholls 

Cardiologists: Dr Jim Ramsay, Dr Andrew Bullock

and Dr Luigi D’Orsogna,

Paediatric Surgeons: Mr Ian Gollow, and Mr Philip King (dec.) 

Rheumatologist: Dr Prue Manners,

Endocrinologist: Dr Tim Jones,

Geneticist: Dr John Nelson,

Gynaecologists: Dr Tamara Hunter, Dr Tony Murphy.

The many Paediatricians at PCH (Perth Children’s Hospital - formerly PMH)

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