COMMSSA and COVID-19... 20 - 21 !

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

COVID-19 affected COMMSSA's activities drastically in 2020 - 2021.

  • The 2020 AGM , postponed from 26 July to 25 October, was attended by a smaller number of members and friends than in previous years.

  • Fundraising Events. The Valentine Day Ball scheduled for 16 March 2021, and our Annual Raffle - our two main fundraisers - had to be cancelled altogether with substantial drop in the funds raised by the Association in 2021. Fortunately, a Tropical Dance, held as a semi-private function at the Bayswater Pétanque Club on 6 March 2021, brought in just over $1,700, thanks to the initiative of Anaïs Ducray, one of our Committee members. The Annual Quiz Night, on 15 May also brought in much needed funds despite the smaller number of participants.

  • Fewer Children received treatment in 2020-2021. Closure of international borders meant that no children were sent to Australia; in Mauritius, COVID 19 caused several operations to be postponed.

  • COMMSSA's Stoma/Wound care Nurse Education Programme in Mauritius has had to be put on hold for an indefinite period at this stage.

Let us all hope for better days in 2022


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