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COMMSSA WA Raffle 2023 - Results

COMMSSA's Raffle 2023 was drawn at the Fundraising Charity Ball held at the Siciliani Association Club Hall in Balcatta on Saturday 25 March 2023.

The winning numbers were :

1st Prize - Ticket No. 1863

2nd Prize - Ticket No. 1392

3rd Prize - Ticket No. 0739

4th Prize - Ticket No. 0808.

We are pleased to report that most of the Raffle ticket books were sold this year, 70 of them during the evening of the Charity Ball. The net profit from the Raffle exceeded $4,300.

It is not customary for COMMSSA WA's Management Committee to name the winners of the Raffle prizes. This year, however, with his permission, we would like to announce that the winner of the First Prize of $2,000 in cash was Mr. Bertrand Rey. As soon as he was notified of the good news, Bertrand donated the $2,000 back to COMMSSA. On behalf of the members of the Management Committee and all the members of COMMSSA WA, we extend our grateful thanks to Bertrand for his generous donation.

Serge Toussaint



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