Changing face of Management Committee 2021-2022

Updated: Mar 9

Several Management Committees have steered COMMSSA along its mission over the years.

The members of the 2021-2022 Committee are from left to right:

Ms Patricia Nicole (Treasurer), Mr Lindsay Théophile, Mrs Monique Malié (Vice President), Mrs Céline Templin, Mrs Pamela Lilette, Dr Mariam Bahemia (President & Medical Director), Dr Thierry Venaille, Dr Serge Toussaint (Secretary & Medical Director), Mrs Mirella Augustin,

Dr Subhrendu Rath, Ms Anais Ducray.

On this, the 30th Anniversary of the Association, it is comforting to see, still serving on the Committee five of the members who were also present when the Association celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2011:

Monique Malié, Thierry Venaille, Serge Toussaint, Céline Templin, and Mirella Augustin.


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